General Access Tickets



Big Early Blind3 Days General Access (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) Ticket5011€
Early Bird13 Days General Access (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) Ticket6013.4€
Early Bird1Friday General Access Ticket204.5€
Early Bird1Saturday General Access Ticket409€
Early Bird1Sunday General Access Ticket255.5€
Early Bird2 until 15 December3 Days General Access (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) Ticket70


Early Bird2 until 15 DecemberFriday General Access Ticket204.5€
Early Bird2 until 15 DecemberSaturday General Access Ticket4510€
Early Bird2 until 15 DecemberSunday General Access Ticket306.7€


3 Days General Access (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) Ticket8018€
Pre-SaleFriday General Access Ticket255.5€
Pre-SaleSaturday General Access Ticket5011€
Pre-SaleSunday General Access Ticket358€

Sale from May 1st

3 Days General Access (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) Ticket9020€
Sale from May 1stFriday General Access Ticket306.7€
Sale from May 1stSaturday General Access Ticket6013.4€
Sale from May 1stSunday General Access Ticket409€



Actors Tickets


No. of Tickets

ANY TIME!Tom Wlaschiha - Sunday - Photo Op75200
ANY TIME!Tom Wlaschiha - Sunday - Autograph55200
ANY TIME!Tom Wlaschiha - Sunday - Full (Photo Op + Autograph)110200
ANY TIME!Craig Parker - Saturday - Photo Op75200
ANY TIME!Craig Parker - Saturday - Autograph55200
ANY TIME!Craig Parker - Saturday - Full (Photo Op + Autograph)110200
ANY TIME!Nathaniel Buzolic Photo Op65300
ANY TIME!Nathaniel Buzolic Autograph50300
ANY TIME!Nathaniel Buzolic Full (Photo Op + Autograph)95300

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